Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Jan 30, 2019: Last Night in Miami

Just back in our little apartment high above Miami after a shirtsleeves' walk along the waterway and a dog park where we discovered a lovely ceramic chair about 20 feet high:

Spanish is spoken everywhere here, making us feel right at home. Most amazing, though, is the weather change -- no coats, no snow, no cold noses. Instead, flowers, palm trees, and little cafes with fresh croissants and very strong coffee.

As we walked back through the park, a flock of about 20 brilliantly green parrots flew at speed along the tops of the palm trees, dive-bombing and circling and then gone. What a surprise!

Tomorrow, we leave for Spain, so today is our final repacking day. What good memories we'll take with us!

I'm still uncertain about access to internet, but I will try to update our adventures here and hope you enjoy. I'm also uncertain how to avoid those nasty roaming charges as I take pictures with the camera.

Haven't written much of anything since we left home, but the netbook is ready (as is the story). May the rest of your winter be mild!

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