Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No way to post pictures, but this morning I´m writing from a little internet cafe in San Miguel de Allende in Gto., Mexico. The door is open to let a few fresh breezes in, and the taxis, cars of every description, including the infamous SUV, trucks, busses, and the occasional dune buggy, all pass by, bumping over historic cobblestone streets. San Miguel is still unforgettably lovely. We were first here over 30 years ago and the city has grown much. The biblioteca is still the biggest English language library in all of Mexico, although the collection is very dated. Literacy programs and scholarships for Mexican children are the main focus. Retirees clog the downtown area, and the artisan's market is still filled with colorful and beautiful Mexican crafts, more expensive than I ever imagined. What I will remember most are the rooftop gardens with sweeping vistas, and houses with bouganville cascading down their sides, incredibly fresh mangos, bananas, and avacados, and patient people who speak Spanish slowly. Each morning, the birds -- including a lovely white egret -- flock from Benito Juarez part, just two blocks from our little apartment, and the writing goes well. Beth