Saturday, December 27, 2003

Last night a whirlwind of shopping at Best Buy for extra batteries and just before closing, the hunt for nylon clothing things at REI that dry quickly. A truly exhausting 45 minutes. And we don't have socks yet. What really is essential for such a trip seems so complicated -- yet how do we prepare for each day? Simplicity when all else is changing seems the rule. Rachel gave me her scarf to wear, bright colors, reminders of home. Nick will upload Diablo on the laptop (aha! the Sorceress will gain points!). Rachel got to visit the St. Louis museum before heading home to Oregon; she walked through an Egyptian tomb (reconstructed) and said we'd be there! Allen bought this flashlight to combat claustrophobia in touring the pyramids (and to let him read at night). Now it's Saturday morning -- just about a week to get everything done, to close up, to say a last goodbye, to feed the birds in the backyard, and then to let go.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

December 24, Corvallis. A rainy afternoon. Now's the time to set up the blog. No more procrastinating. Too many things to do, not enough time to say goodbye to friends or really clean up the house. My hope is to at least leave paperwork in order, plants ready for watering by the greenthumb person, Bridgette, and to get the roof repaired in time. All else truly goes well. Does it matter if everything is ready? If everything were ready and planned to the last degree, what would be left to discover? Eight months away from home and family and friends. Living out of a small suitcase. OK, with my digital camera and my computer. Not all is lost. Travelling with Allen. All is well.