Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week 3: From rainy Eureka to Mojave

I'd like to say we left winter behind as we drove south from Eureka. But we didn't. Intense rain storms with lots of wind led to some adventuresome driving along the Oregon and California coast. We stopped in Sebastapol to visit dear cousins and enjoy an Italian feast at the Union Hotel in Occidental -- Imagine ravioli that melt in your mouth!

Just a few hops ahead of more rain, we drove south to Fresno, stopped in Tulare for groceries, and continued further south to Mojave, where we stop for a day of rest and Sunday football in this tiny town.

Flowers at Ovallartas Grocery Store
We felt as if our vacation truly began when we went grocery shopping at Ovallarta Groceries in Tulare. 

We walked in the door and were assailed by a melange of smells, all of home and Mexico. We started with pan dulces, exquisite, delicate pasteries (including my favorite, bread pudding), and moved right along to admire the fresh fish, cheeses, and a variety of salsas. I bought just a little crema (cream cheese) for the road.

Pan Ducles at Ovallartas Grocery Store
As we left Tulare, we saw the most amazing blue skies banded with strings of clouds. 

Skies near Tulare, California
The temperature hit a trip high of 56 F, and we cut through the snow-topped Tehachapi Mountains, a winding adventurous four-lane road where cars competed with trucks at 70 mph and more, to finally drop down into Mojave where we saw our first Joshua trees. 

Tehachapi Mountains (wikipedia)
These are moments to cherish. 
Happy travels to all.

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