Monday, October 06, 2014

Seeking blue . . .

I could fall into your blue squares,
pieced together stitch by stitch. 
The tea pots promise reflection, 
the curling leaves thread across the quilt's 
perfectly shaded, soft yellow squares;
these background colors fade,
and I don't quite recognize 
the precision of each square, 
I'm lost in blue, 
the choices we make.   

A quilter knows her design,
what fabrics to choose,
when to sew, and
 when to rip away
to create that 
balance between 
and becoming.

This poem comes sideways and a day late from a trip to Sisters, Oregon, for their annual quilt show, several years ago. Quilts are hung everywhere throughout this small town, in every store and restaurant, gallery and fabric shop. We wandered through crowds of really thousands of people, but it's still a quilter's dream for a perfect summer day.

I dream of making this hand-appliqué quilt one day, the pattern is by Maggie Walker Design and called "The Blue Collection."



Lancelot Quadras said...

Ok, wow, the words used are brilliant.
Also, i never knew an entire village keeps such quilts outside at display. That seems unique.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful way to put the beauty of these quilts into words. Looks like a great place to be, Sisters, Oregon.
I'd love to try quilting should I ever find the time between my knitting projects :)

Sandy Brown Jensen said...

Beautiful poem leading into the intricacies of a blue sky quilt project...