Saturday, October 18, 2014

Of Elephants and Morning

Could I dance with elephants,
eyes closed?
Sometimes creativity
is about trusting
that inner voice
that celebrates all of life,
a dance we step into,

This morning I was supposed to write a book review, but, as we sometimes do, I checked e-mails, made schedules, looked at Facebook, and worried about the coming day.

I found this very reflective Post by Alternatif Hayat  on Facebook. I'm not sure you can see it unless you have access to Facebook, but these powerful images of water, elephants, and celebrants shake me out of the ordinary.

Here is a similar video I found on youtube . . . 

May your day be filled with harmony. Check out what others have written for OctPoWriMo HERE.


Katherine Bartlett said...

Very helpful and peaceful post!

Rod E. Kok said...

This is truth!

Anne Dovel said...

I do that way too often... let distractions take center stage, instead of doing what I should be doing. If I start the day reading emails and social media, it takes me a long time to get to what I meant to do. :)

Lovely poetry and post.

Anonymous said...

You're so right that distractions can derail the day. Thank you for reminding me that centering myself is a desirable practice.

Tamara Woods said...

This poem felt peaceful. I enjoyed it.