Saturday, October 04, 2014

Afternoon in Lerwick . . .

One rainy, gray afternoon, we walked
along the narrow, cobbled streets of Lerwick,
to find a knitting shop 
tucked around a corner,
The Spider's Web, 
the sign did not invite us in.

Instead we stopped for ginger beer,
and as the sun collapsed
into the sea, we took the ferry
back to the Mainland,
knowing without saying
we would never return.

I still remember this ginger beer for it hints at my second book, Years of Stone, set in Australia, then just a glimmering of an idea that began on this trip to Scotland. We had spent hours at the museum in Lerwick. More about that tomorrow!


Janelle - The Barefoot Soul Mentor said...

This reminds me of The Road Not Taken - "knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted I should ever come back..."

Love the way you shared such a moment in just a few powerful words.

Honoring you,

Anonymous said...

You put these moments into words, so powerful, it resonates, although I never was in Lerwick.

KM Huber said...

Incredibly powerful, Beth! I, too, thought of the Frost poem. Lovely, simply lovely.