Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remembering Sao Paulo . . .

When we come home from travels, what do we remember?

From one short month in Brazil, I remember our first days in Sao Paulo, its wide, palm-lined trees, its curious air of gentility despite the grand vistas of a major city (I was stunned to realize 19 million people live in its metropolitan area).

But our neighborhood was quiet, a small posada now closed that we found by searching that most valuable travel planner, the Lonely Planet.

Out for walks past mellow, yellow flowering vines, past the central plaza, we would turn a corner and see a street mural, outrageously vibrant and colorful, art that pleased everyone.

Street Mural, Sao Paulo (Camp 2009)

Fresh, flaky croissants for breakfast in a street side cafe. Unforgettable coffee. 

Coffee in Sao Paulo (Camp 2009)

I remember those first unhurried days before the desire to see everything overtook us.

This was our first stop in a four month trip through South America beginning in January, 2009 -- one month each in Brazil, Argentina, a ten-day cruise around the Horn with friends, and then to Uruguay, Chile and Peru. Somewhere as we crossed the border from Chile into Peru, I lost my notebooks and my laptop, so only those photos and notes that were uploaded into this travel blog remain.

For this September, I shall write about this trip and remember.

How do you keep your travels close?


Francene Stanley said...

You expressed the feeling of the place so I could share it with you. I love the street art with its vibrant colors. I have nothing but my memories of places I've visited, apart from a few snapshots. I think memories are stronger than anything else. It's like comparing a book you've read to a movie--your imagination always conjurs up something better. Visiting from UBC.

Peggy said...

I'll have a cup of that fabulous coffee, Beth! Your trip to Sao Paulo reminds me of my trip to Jaen, Spain. Your writing brought those memories back like a flood of sunshine. I can smell the lemons, hear the street noise, and see the beautiful landscape from the castle walls.

Thank you for bringing me on your trip and helping me remember mine.

Peggy (from UBC)
Peggy Nolan

Ckrusch said...

I am Brazilian, loved reading your post!

KM Huber said...

As you know, my travel is virtual these days, but I have your posts and this blog to take me to neighborhoods, streets, and back country so that I feel a traveler. I suspect there is a story in those first mornings of the mural and the coffee. Wonderful post, Beth.