Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sao Paulo . . .

2009 begins in Brazil. Orchids grow wild here, high in the trees along busy Sao Paulo streets. We see flowers I cannot name along with bouganville, impatients, hibiscus trees, and palms of every order. The people do not rush. They stroll hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm, dressed for warm weather in shorts and skirts and sandals. They sit in cafes sipping coffee in the afternoon and wine in the evening.

After a 24-hour journey (including champagne at midnight on the plane) and two layovers, we nearly napped all of January 1 away at our hotel for this week in Sao Paulo, the Pousada Dona Zilah in the very green jardins (gardens) district.

Today we walked 10 blocks or so to MASP, the Museum of Art, Sao Paulo, to stroll as Brazilians do before the masters – Picasso, Rembrandt, Modigliani, Diego Rivera Joshua Reynolds, El Greco, Bosch, and new to us, the Brazilian artist, Portinari, among many, many others. We’ll return tomorrow.

Tonight I can sing praises to Brazilian pizza, the best I’ve eaten anywhere in the world. One day I will try to make our choice at the Margarita Pizza restaurant, their Godfather pizza with rough chopped boiled egg, slices of fresh tomato and ham, delicately flavored black olives, and cheese all baked crusty in an old-fashioned brick oven. We sleep comfortably with a simple fan turned on through the night for temperatures in the high 70s. Except for missing family and friends, this approaches heaven! I officially thank United for their mileage plus program! Total flying cost for two, round-trip from the US to Brazil, US $120.

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Anonymous said...

Ohla, from the northland - Vancouver. It's great to see you made the trip safely and are already enjoying Brazil. Wish we could be there to share the pizza with you and away from the colder weather here. More snow has temporarily piled up on our hillside but we were able to carefully drive to the downtown area for a dinner out last night.
Take care -- enjoy the museum.