Friday, February 22, 2008

Dreams of the African Queen, Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. We saw the actual African Queen yesterday, proudly moored in Key Largo for tourists, the motor looking as battered as ever, the British flag still flying in opposition to the Nazis, a time when good and evil were more sharply defined.

We spent the day ocean fishing on the Sailor's Choice. Pelicans followed us all the way out into the Atlantic, though we stayed close to the reef. Our catch was small, just four little fish, but we got sunburned, smelled the sweet ocean air, saw gulls chasing mackerel, and, on the way back, a rainbow filled the sky. For dinner, ambrosia: She-crab soup in a French bread bowl called boule and fresh, very fresh grouper.

Just before Gordy and Lynda left for snowy Philadelphia, we wandered through the zoo here in Homestead, Florida, a balmy 78 degrees. We saw the most amazing birds in the Asian aviary, as if Florida didn't have enough exotic birds already! I'm wondering if we really are eating Mandarin Duck at Chinese restaurants; those birds are so richly colored that's hard to imagine anyone actually eating one. Another reason to be a vegetarian. But I'll never tire of seeing Florida's egrets, pelicans and ibis.

Last night, I watched the Clinton-Obama debate. What a strategic and passionate discussion! Both did well; both were eloquent. Both tried to provide more details, especially on foreign policy and health care, though the moderators had to step back and just let them talk! Both support better treatment of veterans. Though we still have months to go before the convention, if Clinton wins the nomination, I will be absolutely thrilled. If Obama wins the nomination, I believe he is capable and a good visionary leader, but I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness. He has good people around him, but so does Clinton. And then the election itself looms in November.

We're leaving this morning for three days back to camping in the northern Everglades. Ah, where's that mosquito repellent! Where's my protector against alligators? Where are Gordy and Lynda to complain about Allen's snoring? It should hit 80 today. Most likely, we'll be without internet again for awhile, but New Orleans is calling. We should be there by March 2, happy to settle for a month there. The writing goes well, and one of my short stories was accepted for publication in May. Hooray! May all go well for you! Beth

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