Sunday, January 08, 2017

On the road again . . . 2017

We woke up at a cozy Super8 in Kennewick, Washington, this Sunday morning with a nasty winter storm ahead and behind. I-84 along the Columbia Gorge has been closed off and on both east and west., and the earliest the sun shines again is Thursday.

Driving conditions yesterday down from Spokane were challenging as it began to snow at Ritzville. Thank goodness, Allen used his Philadelphia-honed driving skills to bring us here. We saw two roadside accidents, three flipped cars, and several spinouts -- one right in front of us.

So, a winter storm warning along the Columbia Gorge will keep us here until Monday, and the adventure of our travel south to warmer climes will keep us right here, admiring the pileup of snow out our hotel window. Some 3-6" of snow expected today by Hood River.

Whose idea was it to go on this open-ended, 2.5 month-long trip south -- far from family and friends? We were planning to go to Florida in February, but somehow, jumping in the car and driving south at least as far as Tucson, sounded just right. 

Luckily, little Leda spent yesterday morning with us, exploring Gramie's jewelry box, which includes beads from New Orleans. Doesn't she look like a young lady from the 1970's?

Geezer Travel Tip #1: Bring along 1 or 2 night lights to plug in. This little luxury will keep you from stumbling around in the middle of the night. I found a digital one that automatically turns off when any other light turns on or the sun comes up, so I make a sticky note to remember to take it onto the next stop.


Sandy Brown Jensen said...

Are you coming down I-5 past Eugene during the week? We'd love to host you! But check in--either I have a cold coming on or aim allergic to the Asiastic lilies in the window. 541-321-3210
We head to the beach for MLK Weekend on Friday.
As you can tell by my FB posts, we've been on snow and ice lockdown. School begins tomorrow and the Wise Guys say it will be all melty by then, but right now it's still 32 degrees with a freezing drizzle, so we'll see what dawn may bring.
I'm teaching online, so that show goes on regardless!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Safe travels, Beth.