Saturday, February 21, 2015

Walking around Galveston's Historic District

Yesterday, we walked our feet off after quite an exciting bus ride up to the Pleasure Pier on 25th Street and Seawall where we peeked through the gates at the rides (closed for the day).

Pleasure Pier, Galveston (Camp 2015)
We walked to the ShyKatz Deli for lunch (a most delicious vegetable soup), and then over to the Mosquito Cafe (to check it out for dinner later). We found the highwater mark for Hurricane Ike inside the Mosquito Cafe. 

Across the street at their Pattycake Bakery, we discovered the most amazing "knock knock" cupcake -- a rich chocolate cake filled with whipped cream, fudge, and then rolled in crushed Oreo cookies. Amazing!

Then over to the Bishop's Palace to browse the architecture, classic stained glass windows and chapel in this sturdy Victorian mansion, built in 1892, which was one of a very few houses that remained standing after the tragic hurricane of 1900 which took thousands of lives.

Bishop's Palace build 1892
Bishop's Palace still standing
post Hurricane, 1900
In fact, one of the pleasures of walking through this East End historic district is imagining life from long ago and admiring these beautiful Victorian houses, each with distinctive decorations and gardens.

For more information about the Bishop's Palace, go HERE.
Read more about the hurricane of 1900 HERE and Hurricane Ike HERE.

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