Thursday, September 25, 2014

What's in the number 25?

I Ching Hexagram 25 - Wu Wang
Hexagram 25 of the I Ching: Wu Wang
Mathematically, twenty-five
is a 'non-sociable number'
for it does not group itself 
in trios to chat, 
but remains 
the smallest square
which squared 
equals five times five,
nearly a perfect number,
the number of grace 
and innocence.

Some say twenty-five
predicts a difficult childhood,
but the hexagram from the I Ching 
shows strength squared.

Perhaps in September that hexagram
with its sturdy foundation 
is the house we need to survive winter,
safe within ourselves.

Meditation says:  Seek joy in each moment,
balance in all things, 
squared, steady, solid.

This little poem was fun to write, not drawn from nature or travel, but a little searching online to find fanciful reactions for September 25, today's date.

Read more of I Ching's meditation HERE.

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