Friday, August 15, 2014

From Punto Tombo to the Falklands

My hubby says I should be more disciplined in sharing these photos from trips gone by. He's right. Yet somehow other writing projects leap onto the keyboard, and I find myself doing research elsewhere. Since we're not able to travel most likely until next year, I shall try to stay organized, but not without a final look at the penguins.

Who could not love this moulting penguin from Punto Tombo? Somehow this penguin faced into the wind, patiently still, yet hoping the constant wind would hurry the removal of those feathers to reveal his sleek, new coat.

Continuing south on the Norwegian Sun, we had a stopover on the Falkland Islands, our troupe packed into military green jeeps to careen over the wind-blown, rainy, and muddy moors, hoping for a view of the penguins nearby, yet grateful for a stop at the Sea Cabbage Cafe for hot tea and crumpets.  

Our first wild life was this rather angry looking Dolphin Gull, perhaps because of his very red encircled eyes. 

Next, we spied the lovely, almost delicate Gentoo Penguin, facing into the wind just as their cousins at Punto Tombo did, the mounds of grassy moor covered with feathers.

And, finally, the "Aha . . . " moment of our side trip before our journey took us north again, we observed King Penguins with their young.

We returned to the ship, grateful for warmth and for a haven out of the steady wind. 

Not sure what I will write about next week.  Note: You can click on any picture to see an enlargement.


Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Love the penguin pictures. They are so cool. The food looks good too! I can't wait to see more pics.

Beth Camp said...

Thank you always, Chris, for traveling through these memories!