Thursday, March 14, 2013

Down the California Coast to Monterey . . .

Tropical Fish, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Camp 2013)

Two days here in Monterey to visit the Bay Aquarium, 3 hours of pure bliss, wandering past fish tanks from floor to ceiling, tropical fish, crusty crabs (not us!), and frilly, floating jellyfish.

We found the biggest surprise in the seahorse exhibit. Here we saw newborn seahorse babies, as small as a fingernail. Here we met for the first time, water dragons, including this Leafy Sea Dragon. At first, all we could see was a splotch of a small green bush. But then it moved, and we could see three unusual creatures, each about the size of my hand, each with tiny yellow eyes, drifting and floating together.

Two Leafy Sea Dragons (Camp 2013)

Tomorrow is a driving day down to Oxnard. I don't think we'll see any sea dragons along the way. But we will see these great green rolling hills of California, dotted with scrub oak, flowering cherries and apple trees, many vineyards, and larger and larger suburbs as we head towards Los Angeles.
May you have a good week!

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