Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here's to 2009 . . .

This year has been phenomenally beautiful, six months travelling in South America and another two months in Scotland. I'm remembering a world of colorful places, people, tantalizing art and food, ancient and modern histories, and natural wonders -- from waterfalls larger than Niagara, to curious coatimundis scampering in the jungle. We were ready for more, but two weeks ago this Friday, everything changed with Allen's stroke.

Now we're headed for a new home in the Pacific Northwest. We'll travel slowly west, heading out along a southern route to escape this brutal cold and winter storms. But by February, we should be in Spokane, unpacking boxes that have been in storage for nearly three years.

But right now, we can't really predict the future. Of course, we all should live with that sense that every day is a gift. Allen's stamina increases each day, and so far, his physical and mental capabilities seem unaffected. But this has been a tremendous shock, and I know I came close to losing my dearest friend. This is the time to face each day with courage and hope, for we have far less to worry about than many and our family and friends have reached out to us with love. And yet, somehow life seems simpler. I am grateful for the daily routines that hold our lives together and hope to truly know each day as the gift it is.

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