Friday, July 24, 2009

Farewell to Minnesota . . .

Yesterday we spent a pleasant afternoon, wandering around the open habitats of the Minnesota Zoo. We saw baboons, gibbons, flamingos, grizzlies, Mexican wolves, and a few mammals we'd never seen before -- takins, a sleepy Binturong, and a funny hedgehog. I've updated Webshots but here are some shots to enjoy.

Minneapolis Zoo

The real highlight of our visit to the Minneapolis area, though, was to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). We were only able to investigate one floor in our 3-1/2 hours there and were entranced by Chinese, African, and Native American arts, especially a rare Drum Dance blanket from the Anishinabe/Dakota culture. This museum allows photographs, offers its extensive and beautifully presented exhibits at no cost, and provides extraordinarily helpful notes for each artifact. Their website is outstanding, though I did post a few favorites on Webshots, including this court drummer from the Chinese Han Dynasty. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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