Saturday, March 21, 2009

La musica in Puerto Iguazu . . .

Yesterday we stopped at La Aripuca, a relatively new eco-tourism spot developed to preserve and showcase Guarani culture and crafts and to draw attention to the unique Aripuca tree, a giant that can live more than 1,000 years. At one time, the Guarani used a small collapsing wooden trap to catch birds. At this park, a very large "trap" has been constructed entirely out of logs from 40 different trees. We wandered through, climbed up the massive logs to the top, admired the different types of wood, and then came to the reception room to hear Nimia Cabrera play her harp.

Nimia Cabrera.MOV

This very skilled musician has traveled all over the world. I will never forget how she illustrated Argentinian folk dancing for us by placing a rather large vase of bright yellow flowers on her head, and then, singing and fanning her skirt back and forth, she moved her feet in intricate steps, delicately, not spilling a drop.

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Gordon Mason said...

I'm guessing a poem's on its way about Nimia and the vase???