Sunday, December 28, 2008

Letting go . . .

We're in the final throes of packing, that stage when I throw everything that hasn't been packed yet into the remaining boxes, seal them shut, and hope for the best. We pick up our rental car tomorrow and will drive to Sea-Tac, leaving Vancouver family and friends behind. Early on the morning of December 31st, we'll be standing in line to go through security checks for international travel. And then, laptop, baggage and travel Scrabble in hand, we will begin the flight to Brazil for six months of travel through South America.

Several people have told me they'll follow our travels via this blog, so I'll be updating various adventures (as internet access becomes available). If you'd like to see an overview of the trip, go to our South American homepages at

For now, let's hear a grand hurrah for the Philadelphia Eagles as they advance to the finals. And let's hear another grand hurrah for 2008, another year ending and a new one beginning. May you have the very best of New Year's. Beth

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