Friday, December 26, 2008

And from North India . . .

We're packing intensely now, and I'm trying to finish up on those projects that pile up next to the printer. I tasted this wonderful desert at an Indian restaurant in Corvallis several months ago and begged the name of the dish from the owner. The Internet never fails! Here is Gajar Ka Halwa, a northern Indian sweet made of carrots and garnished with roasted cashew nuts. Manjula charmingly teaches us how to make this dish, starting with Namaste! Her recipe:


1.5 pounds of shredded carrots (about 2 cups)
2 cups of hot milk
3 tablespoons of butter
1/4 cup sugar
pnch cardamon
10 cashew nuts (split in half for garnish)
Ok to add a handful of raisins

Melt butter in large fry pan. Add carrots, cook about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Roast cashews in small separate frypan. Add milk to carrots, cook until the milk is fully absorbed (about 7-8 minutes). Again, stir frequently. Add sugar and cook 2-3 minutes more. Add cardamon. Serve and garnish with roasted cashews. Note: This is often served with Diwali.

If you make this, let me know the results! I really liked Manjula's welcoming style, just as if I were in her kitchen. And, yes, it finally stopped snowing.


Sandy Jensen said...

I always appreciate a great new recipe--this one looks yummy!
This is a fabulous photo of Our Town under snow...
Love to you on your travels!

Alisa said...

This sounds interesting! Will let you know how it turns out next time I make Indian food...which is fairly often :)