Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yesterday we spent 8 hours at Epcot, walking around a lake and visiting Mexico, China, Africa, Japan, Morocco, Great Britain and Canada. Sunny and warm at 83 degrees. We saw a few birds, mostly snowbirds, a very strange looking and aggressive goose with a big brown circle on its eye, and three ibis nabbing french fries. OK, I "forgot" my camera and just relaxed (I took this photo of a 17th Century Chinese folding screen at the Prince Albert Museum in London in 2004 and still hope one day to travel to China).

Most memorable for us at Epcot was China ("knee how" means hello and "si si" means thank you). I saw a Tang Dynasty pottery sculpture of a court lady, conventionally holding a bird (similar to the Greek's ancient statues of Athena). No alligators. Lots of malls for each country. Rich pasteries in France (I don't know how we resisted). We savored a lamb dinner in an outdoor cafe in Morocco, listening to belly dance music. By the end of the day, everyone looked tired but happy. Today, we're holed up at HoJo's with a 27" TV, both of us resting up for a late night of watching election returns and hoping for some resolution for the Democrats (not likely). I'm still torn between Clinton or Obama.

The writing goes well. Most days I'm sprinting along at 500-750 words, but each day I learn something new and start noodling about some other aspect about life in the 1850s. I wonder how to reflect conflict in my writing as I tend to avoid confrontation in real life (as does Allen).

Yet is that true? This morning I stood in line, desperate for coffee, yes at Starbucks. Four women ordered every designer option provided, and I waited. Finally, they left to cluster around the additives table, and the waitress turned to the man (who was after me) to ask what he wanted. I simply said, "Black coffee to go, please." So I guess when it comes to 'fight or flight', I'm less willing to back down. Even over coffee. Allen's the nice one, though I did say please.

Have a great day, and may you not have to wait for coffee. Beth

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