Thursday, February 07, 2008

Last night at O'Steens Seafoord Restaurant here in St. Augustine, Florida, packed full of seniors and international tourists, I heard Clinton and Obama's name repeatedly. I didn't write yesterday, mostly because we stayed up so late watching primary election returns. This morning, all the candidates look so exhausted, and I think it will be a long summer before the Democractic ticket is resolved.

Allen knows several men who would not vote for Hillary even though they consider her qualified. They seem angry at her but can't quite articulate why except to mention something about the health care debacle. Are people really talking about why Hillary seems unelectable?

The commentators last night suggest Obama will win in the next several primaries, reinforcing his surge. I admire his vision, charisma, and articulateness when he speaks to a large crowd. I admire the depth of her experience and her articulateness as she lays out what is possible. Both speak out against the war; both have specific plans to improve our economy.

This You Tube clip "Vote Different" shows where we're headed. Elections are emotional. But the problems we face require rationality. Allen says this clip is dirty politics. I see it as another example of sexism and manipulation. Who really put this video out? Why? How does the average Democratic voter decide between the two? By reading their official web sites of Hillary and Obama?

I'm still on the fence between the two, but ugliness in the campaign will not help either side. It shows the depth of the divide between two candidates who could be a dream ticket, at least for the Democrats. And I'm guessing there will be many, many arguments before the ticket, dream or otherwise, is resolved. Beth

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