Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On this sunny day in Dallas, we hiked our feet off at the Dallas Museum of Art, spending most of our time in the Americas collection. We were fascinated to see a wonderful collection of vessels and bowls from Mogollon and Mimbres cultures here from the Southwest, as well as pieces from Peru (Moche and Paracas) and Mexico (Veracruz).

The two women shown here are from the Early Classic culture in Veracruz, Mexico, about 450-600 AD. The colors on their robes are clear red, but little information was available. A little searching on internet ties the elaborate costumes to a high status and suggests the women may have also had face tattoos to show a connection to the god of wind, BUT more information is needed here.

The Paracas mantle , also from Peru, is beautifully preserved with dazzlling colors and over 2,000 years old, with formalized images of condors embroidered throughout.

Another especially beautiful piece, one that brought a smile to our faces (and introduced a new culture), came from Ecuador, the Jama-Coaque culture of approximately AD 200-400. This jolly drinking vessel, possibly used for ritual, had bright blue and orange original paint still visible.

The tradition of compelling portraits can also be seen in this last vessel from the Moche culture in Peru (450-550 AD).

So we came home to the Harrison Suites, our hotel with kitchen, and are looking forward to a quiet dinner of chicken scallopine with rice as the sun sets over Dallas. Tomorrow we'll be in Louisiana. May your week go well. Beth

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