Saturday, December 22, 2007

Earlier this week, Lynda and I wandered through the American-Swedish Historical Musuem, headed to South Street for lunch at Govinda's, where Lynda ate soy perhaps for the first time, and then drove past several of the building-sized murals that have become a tourist attraction here in Philadelphia in the last several years.

Lynda kept telling me about the murals that glitter from glass tiles. We came to a complete stop at Isaiah Zagar's Magic Garden, miraculously open, and then toured his house, studio, and garden of more than earthly delights. Nearly every space in this rowhouse with sidelot garden was covered with art. Colorful tiles fired with Picasso-like drawings, earthy and exuberant, are all mixed together with chips from dishes, glassware, and found objects, from tires to vividly green and blue bottles to pottery and sculptures from Mexico.

I'm not doing justice to this amazing gallery, for every surface is covered: walls, ceilings, floors, doors, everywhere I looked, new vistas, ideas, themes resounded. Did I find a mermaid or two? Of course! We left awed. Here's an artist at 70 who uncompromisingly celebrates creativity.

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