Thursday, June 08, 2006

So last night I previewed Graffiti Verite! for our last humanities class, a video that makes distinctions between tagging and graffiti art, interviews mixed with wall shots right out of L.A., ending with a plea that this community-based art, which is starting to move into museums and galleries, and people are buying, just to have a piece of this energy, that the artists say is all about "working the cans" and freedom of expression, right after this, not 2 minutes after I've hit the rewind button on the VCR, waiting for the tape to rewind, one of those Fox alerts comes on from Channel 10 news that says Eugene police are tracking down a group that painted graffiti at the college. Don't know more but then this came this morning from webshots, from one of my favorite photographers, Steve Axford. And today in class, we'll talk about the culture of the 21st Century. Hmmmmm.

Image hosted by
by steveaxford
Graffiti in Eugene:
Graffiti in Corvallis:

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