Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Packing the lazy way . . . out the door!

My husband has the most efficient way to pack. When we travel for say a month-long journey, he methodically gathers up 7 pairs of shirts, shorts, socks and 2 pairs of pants. Just whatever's on top. Then a few basics (books, maps, Sudoko). Maybe a snack for the plane. He's done. I typically add a few more things to his suitcase that he might need. Swim suit. Cell phone plug.

But I dither when I pack for myself. As the departure date gets closer, I begin to stress out. It's hard to say goodbye to family. My little 2-1/2 year old granddaughter doesn't understand about planes or wanderlust -- yet. I don't want to leave my sewing/writing room, and I can't take it with me! I can't even decide what exactly to take with me.

So I've come up with a one-size-fits-all travel packing list on my computer. Just revise for the current trip. Print it out. Check it off. Our categories are simple: Clothes, books, writing/sewing, toiletries & meds, camera/computer.

About 7 days before we leave, I open up my one suitcase and leave it propped open. Over the next few days, I throw stuff in that I think I might want. My journal for the trip. Favorite shirts. My sewing projects. I'm not worried because hubby says, "If we forget something, we can buy it!" I know he's talking about toothpaste, but somehow, he reassures me that we'll be OK no matter what I pack or don't pack. 

Day 2 before departure, I work the list, make a quick run to the store for airplane snacks, and we're truly ready.

The morning of departure, a final check all around, water the plants, print out boarding passes, recheck our day packs for essentials for the plane, and we walk out the door -- this time, for a month in Galveston.

Do we check luggage? Yes. I'm too old to sling a rolling suitcase into that overhead bin. Why not lessen the congestion in that tiny aisle on the plane?

Where's my purse? I use a day pack with my tiny purse inside. This way, I can carry my netbook, reading, and snack with ease.

And we're ready to adventure.

"Red Suitcase" by Ken Yuel on Flickr

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