Thursday, October 24, 2013

Home in Spokane . . .

Fall is finally here. The leaves on the cherry tree outside our window have started to droop with red and gold. Yesterday afternoon, we walked through the grounds at Finch Arboretum, the sun just right to highlight the changing colors.

Finch Arboretum (Camp 2013)
 The trees here, some 2,000 over 56 acres, are a wonderful mix of color with lots of pines and rocky volcanic outcrops.
Finch Arboretum (Camp 2013)
 We found Flowering Crabapple and this delicious splash of color -- the amazing Rainbow Variegated Dogwood.

Finch Arboretum (Camp 2013)

These memories will keep us warm once winter brings snow.

Finch Arboretum (Camp 2013)
For November, I'd like to explore the Orkneys once again as a tie in for the release of my novel, Standing Stones. I'm still working on getting photos up on Flickr, and you are free to use any you like. 

We have wanderlust again. We're planning a trip across Canada next summer to follow the Fur Brigade Express -- if all goes well.


Sandy Brown Jensen said...

Fine Fall Foliage!
A too brief season of the heart...

Beth Camp said...

Well said, Sandy. The night temperatures are dropping into the 20's now and we're making bets on when it will snow. The leaves are nearly gone. Gray days ahead!