Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Travel plans shift in time and place . . .

I thought we'd be traveling in August.

But we may  not go afar.

Our dearest daughter has fallen, broken her ankle badly, and will be immobile for about three months -- or so the doctors say. So, travel plans are shelved. For now.

Instead, I'm thinking of hosting a few travel blogs, perhaps one or two a week, to those places I hope to go one day.

My primary research interests remain: Scotland, Tasmania, and here in the states, the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Of course my lens is curiously set at mid 19th Century, but if I can't go physically, perhaps online will do to get a sense of the colors and shapes of the landscape and perhaps a bit of the history as well.

What do you think? Any locations to add to the list? Memories of places once visited you'd like to visit again? Should I invite others to guest blog?

I'm remembering a crowded pier, sea lions basking in early morning light, somewhere south of Neskowin and Newport. Hot coffee before driving further south. Flower gardens and then the redwoods.


Deniz Bevan said...

That's a lovely idea Beth! If I wasn't so harried trying to finish edits I'd love to write you a guest post on Turkey. Well, if it's a few weeks from now I might manage to do it?

Beth Camp said...

Good morning, Deniz. Turkey is one of my favorite places. I'd love for you to do a blog. Email me when it's convenient for your schedule. I have photos if you don't! May your editing go well. Beth

KM Huber said...

Meant to comment on this post earlier...however, I do hope your daughter is doing better. It sounds like quite an incapacitating injury.

However you may present us with faraway places, Beth, I enjoy your travel posts immensely. Oh, and I, too, have such a love for the 19th century, mostly the transcendentalists and romantics but also the idealism of those hundred years.

I am thinking of you and yours, Beth.