Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back in the States . . .

Last Friday, everything changed. Allen woke up feeling not himself. We took a taxi to the Hospital San Vincent in Heredia, Costa Rica, where he was diagnosed with a stroke. The next 24 hours still seem a blur. The staff in Costa Rica were caring, but we knew the best decision for us was simply to come home. American Airlines will forever be my first choice for their outstanding care for us, from re-ticketing, support through customs, and wheelchair assistance. Despite it being Christmas week, and vicious snow storms blanketing the east coast, we found ourselves on the way home to Philadelphia within 24 hours. We arrived Monday morning at 3:30 am, and by lunch time, Allen was in the hospital, undergoing tests. Allen now has a team of doctors caring for him, and we expect him to come home from the hospital by Wednesday, if all goes well.

Although the stroke affected the entire left side of his body, the residual effects are relatively contained because he took 4 aspirin within the first hour of the onset of symptoms. His speech and brain function appear unaffected. He does now walk with a slight hitch on the left side and some balance issues. We feel more than blessed.

I'm not sure about the future. Part of the time I'm still thinking in Spanish, but it feels so good to be home, and where "home" will be is up in the air for now. May you be well where you are!

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Anita Renaud said...

Oh Beth, so sorry to read the news about Allen's stroke. What a shock and you were in CR..I just dicovered you on Facebook.
May Allan recover well and thank god for those four aspirins,...Love
Anita and Charly