Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whooping cranes dance . . .

Today, a slightly overcast warm summer day with lovely cummulus clouds building almost to rain, we visted the grounds of the International Crane Foundation, a complex designed to study, preserve and protect cranes all over the world.

We quietly watched African cranes in a new exhibit, their dazzling colors red, black and white, with golden delicate crowns of feathers arcing in a floating circle over their heads -- the Black Crowned Crane and the Gray Crowned Crane (see below).

And then we watched a pair of rare Whooping Cranes interact in a marshy pond. Apparently they dance (and mimic movements) as part of pair bonding and, to my surprise, to release tension. So, birds dance. And this International Crane Foundation continues its wonderful work.

Cranes dancing.MOV

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