Friday, February 13, 2009

About Iguassu Falls . . .

Eleanor Roosevelt said on seeing Iguassu Falls, "Poor Niagara." When I first heard this and remembered visiting Niagara Falls, I thought, how much bigger or grander could the falls at Iguassu be?

From the Brazilian side, this video may give you a sense of the sweep of this World Heritage site:

Brazil Iguacu2

We spent all day hiking along the trails on the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls, sometimes shady, sometimes hot. We were grateful for water and Gatoraid, sunhats and sun screen. But we didn't care about our sore feet, for around every turn, another incredible vista awaited in this complex of approximately 275 separate waterfalls.

On the Argentinian side, we were able to walk even closer to the falls, admiring new angles and coming closer to the Devil's Throat, where white-water rafts holding about 50 people at a time power to the brink of the greatest downpour of thousands of tons of water. We hope to return tomorrow -- to go out on a walkway that will put us very close to the rushing water of Devil's Throat.

Check out Webshots (link to the right) for more pics of the falls (and coatis) . . . and Happy Valentine's Day!

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Brittany Koll said...

Iguazu Falls is the most beautiful place I have ever visited! It is like Heaven on Earth, Im sure you understand what I mean!
It was very nice meeting you both on the bus departing from Iguazu!
I hope you continue to have a wonderful trip!
Brittany Koll