Tuesday, February 26, 2008

High winds in Tallahassee, lots of rain, so we took an off day, did laundry, changed the oil in the car, and visited two used book stores, always a rainy day favorite. Imagine my shock when the owner of one book store asked the customers if they wanted to put a pin in the Hillary doll, a little voodoo doll he had by the cash register, stuck with plenty of pins. If it were an Obama doll, I still would be shocked.

Tonight they debate just once again, making last appeals to voters in the upcoming Tuesday's primary in four states, including the strategic Ohio and Texas. Just now on the news, an Obama supporter stabbed his brother, a Clinton supporter. Allen just told me health care costs are expected to grow by 6% a year, that's triple the estimated inflation. It's hard to feel very positive tonight. But I'm working on a grant for a friend in New Orleans to bring donated furniture to people with newly rehabbed houses. Perseverance furthers. Beth

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