Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday morning, we're truly in Arizona now, and I'm feeling sated after a scrumptious breakfast at Hampton Inn, complete with the best hot coffee in weeks, fresh fruit, yogurt, and biscuit. Today, we are headed to the south rim of Grand Canyon, a first for me, and a chance to explore some of the cultural history of this great hole in the ground.

Yesterday might be considered an "off day", though we visited the stunningly beautiful Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal lands park. North Window, seen above, seems to float above the desert floor; we drove along these massive buttes along a winding dirt and gravel road. Can you see the car in the picture to the right? The road was the greatest challenge facing us; most people elected to drive a jeep with four-wheel drive or take a tour. We drove our little Toyota right along this 17-mile challenge. Signs said we could drive at 15 mph; but unexpectedly big potholes, rocks, and shifting surfaces meant we crawled along at 5 mph most of the way. But, the views and monumental buttes were worth every moment of heart-stopping maneuvering past what we called "craters of Monument Valley".

People have been friendly everywhere. Last night's dinner at the Navajo-run Blue Coffeepot included fry-bread with honey, somewhat like a flatbread, puffy like the lightest doughnut. Ah, traditional foods, with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away now. May the week go well for you. Beth

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