Sunday, September 09, 2007

At the same time that dear colleagues are headed back to school for in-service in 90 degree weather, Allen and I are hiking in Glacier National Park. Yesterday snow dusted the mountains, and today the high was in the 70s. Yesterday also brought excitement not found in LBCC hallways. We were taking pictures of a mountain goat along side the road when we spotted a grizzley bear ambling along the hillside. Just for a few moments we could see this magnificant wild creature, surrounded by high mountains.

I also conquered my fear of heights by hiking along the Highline Trail, not difficult in terms of length, only 1.5 miles, but the trail wound along a sheer cliff. One side was rock, the other straight down. Only perseverance and those little iron rings that "real" climbers use kept us going. But the views were magnificent. Altogether the hiking has been spectacular -- as I hope the picture shows.

So do I miss teaching yet? I'm still getting used to the reality of retirement, where each day is entirely open. Tomorrow we'll hike in the upper portion of Glacier National Park and then go on to Canada. I can report that very quickly when we're camping I have renewed appreciation for the small things in life -- like hot water, showers, and access to the internet! For now, I wish you all a very good school year, one filled with the very best of students, good colleagues, and short meetings! And I hope to see you on the road! Beth

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