Monday, September 11, 2006

I'd like to pull together a few writing resources to use for writing, and I liked this site for its inventiveness, along with a few others:

Resources for Writing:
  • Crawford Kilian's Write A Novel site. I also like his site on writing in general
  • Check out this link for what looks like a daily writing prompt! E-WriteLife Today's prompt to write about the unexpected.

    Tomorrow is the first day of school, with the first half of the day an administrative overview at the college level and the second half of the day an administrative overview at the division level. Lunch happens in the middle, and we may have some time at the end of the day for students or preparing for classes.

    But what is unexpected about tomorrow? (Ah, the creeping writing prompt.) Jane said to approach each day with reverence, to recognize that each day will be the "last day" for me, in this last year of teaching, that I may not again teach certain classes or work with certain people. So, perhaps tomorrow will offer unexpected connections with colleagues I have so long respected and worked hard with. Seize the day! Celebrate the beginning of a new school year with anticipation! Goals! Energy! Hope!

    Summer brought unexpected changes. We were in the Canadian Rockies for a month long camping trip in August when Allen woke up one morning, his back painfully out, and we came home 2 weeks early. Perhaps we camped too close to the Columbia Icefields. I also saw millions of acres of pine trees in British Columbia destroyed by the pine beetle. Too many warm winters. Now stands of red and black dying trees cover mountains in every direction. That was unexpectedly sad for the scope of this natural disaster seems much larger than any one can prevent.
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    Art Bervin said...

    Hi, Beth and Allen,

    I decided I had better enter your yahoo addresses in my address book (lest I lose your post-business card) and bookmark your blog so I can occasionally check on your doings and whereabouts.

    I resonated with your comment from Jane that each day of your last year of teaching is a "last day." A last day, a last time, a last meeting (cheers), a last locking of the door, etc. Some of that I've already shared in another email, but I do wax nostalgic from time to time. Retiring was a good decision for me, but there are aspects of the teaching life I miss--colleagues, bright-eyed students, the intellectual challenges, the daily discipline, etc. But as you felt this past year and I felt in my final year, "Boy, was it time."

    All ends represent new beginnings. You and Allen have mapped out one amazing opening chapter to your retirement. It makes Marilyn and me tired just to think about it even though we know you have embedded extended periods in one place in your ambitious itinerary.

    Obviously, it will be some time before you can join Tom, Jane and me for Beanery coffee sessions or attend any of the XLBers events. But someday, perhaps?

    In the meantime, travel well, and travel safely.

    Shalom, Art Bervin